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Vision & Mission 

To build inclusive & equitable preventive healthcare ecosystem across INDIA. 

Improve the quality of diagnosis by making available world’s best brands along with bring down the cost per test in research & diagnostic testing area. Also, to empower healthcare service providers, medical science & research students to build on further knowledge & capabilities in their area of research & specialization enabling early diagnosis for primary & advanced critical diseases through confirmatory tests. 

Better treatment outcomes where timely and accurate diagnostics are readily available to empower individuals in making informed healthcare decisions.


What Drives Us

Our commitment for improving diagnostic outcomes and build equitable preventive care ecosystem benefitting across strata fuels our efforts. We believe that each one of us deserves access to accurate and reliable diagnosis for precise medical treatment. We are continually innovating with product mix and introduction of new testing kits expanding our services to reach underserved areas and populations.


How We Make a Difference

We are committed to bring best global brands to India and empower healthcare service providers to improve diagnostic outcomes for improved healthcare of living beings

We intend to build equitable diagnostic landscape across India by bridging the gap between quality of diagnosis and critical tests being performed only in metro or Tier-I cities by introducing rationalised small pack sizes tests. This will also benefit and encourage science & research students to undertake more practical research projects to build deep understanding about the study subjects.


Community Impact

We understand the importance of building collective well being across strata of society. As a conscious effort we are doing a bit in a small way & associated with initiates taken by "Van Bandhu" to raise awareness & build on Adivasi children education and well being.

We are committed to revolutionizing preventive healthcare accessibility by leveraging technology, improving diagnostic outcomes for individuals even in the remotest part of INDIA.


Make us Better to Serve Better

We value your trust in us. Feel free to further enquire about our products or any suggestions that you may have, to make us better and helping us in accomplishing our mission. Please do reach us at care@elisakits.in